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Rental Programs

  • Daily Medical Equipment Rentals
  • Monthly Medical Equipment Rentals
  • Rent To Own Surgical Suites
KenQuest Medical offers daily rentals on most major surgical equipment such as surgical C-Arms, Pain & O.R. Tables, Endoscopy Towers, Monitors and Surgical Instruments just to name a few. Our daily rental program is commonly suited for research and training facilities looking to do the occasional case study or education program or for surgical clinics and hospitals looking for temporary use while their existing system is down for maintenance or repairs.

KenQuest is proud to offer all major brands such as G.E., OEC, Ziehm, Genoray, Strkyer, Olympus, Medstone, Oakworks, and others. All daily rentals include delivery and pick up services anywhere within the United States, and tech services are also available.

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*Please note: daily equipment rentals are subject to availability and limited to certain geographical locations.

KenQuest’s monthly medical equipment rental program is one of our most popular services. With our monthly rental program you can rent all the equipment you need with little out of pocket. Our monthly rental program is a month to month rental with no long term contracts so you may stop at any time. Some of the monthly rental program benefits include:

  • Low Monthly Payments: Rent to own everything you need for your practice or surgery center for one low monthly price. With just a small security deposit and your first months rent you can be up and running in no time.
  • No Long Term Leases or Contracts: KenQuest’s Rent To Own program is month to month. Your not locked into any long term contracts and may stop renting at any time.
  • Build Equity In Your Rental: 30% of every rental payment can be applied towards the purchase of the equipment. (If the equipment is purchased within the first year)
  • No Service Cost: As long as you are renting the equipment we take care of all service & maintenance. If something breaks we take care of all parts & labor costs.
  • Upgrade To New Model Equipment At Any Time: Never worry about being stuck with outdated equipment. With our rental program you can upgrade at any time.
  • Tax Deductible: Write off your rental payments as an overhead expense just like you do with an automotive lease.
  • Try Something Before You Buy It: Looking to buy some new equipment but have never tried it out before? With our rental program you can rent something first to see how you like it without being forced to purchase it.

KenQuest offers a wide range of medical equipment for monthly rentals such as surgical c-arms, ultrasound, surgical instruments, endoscopy, surgical tables, operating room lights, exam tables, stainless steel items ( mayo stands, kick buckets, stools, ect), sterilization equipment, digital image capture devices, pain tables, and much much more. For more information on the types of equipment we rent please visit our Rental Equipment page or for a detailed quote on cost please fill out our request a quote form.

KenQuest Medical offers a unique Rent To Own Surgical Suite program unlike anything else out on the market.  We offer the ability to equip an entire Operating Room, Recovery Room, Patient Exam Room or complete Surgical Center with little out of pocket and no credit qualifications.

How the program works:

  1. Simply tell us your needs. If you looking to add an additional O.R. or specialty to your new or existing center just let us know the type of procedures and we’ll do the rest. Providing you with all the equipment needed.
  2. Sign a short 36 month contract with us at a low agreed upon monthly rental price
  3. Supply a low down payment and first month’s rent along with the contract
  4. We deliver the equipment within days.
  5. At the end of the 36 month term the equipment is yours free and clear. That’s right you now own the equipment upon completion of the 36 month rental term.


  • No Credit Qualifications. We understand that sometimes traditional financing can be tough when setting up expensive operations such as a Surgical Center. KenQuest offers our Rent To Own Surgical Suite program to companies of all types of credit backgrounds.
  • No long term leases. Although we require a 36 month term to be completed for ownership of the equipment your company may return the equipment for any reason prior to the 36 months being completed. There is only a small restocking fee and your deposit will be returned to you
  • Maintenance. While renting KenQuest covers all maintenance. This means all preventive maintenance as well as all repairs are covered by KenQuest at no costs to you. This saves your company money from having to purchase expensive maintenance contracts and leaves any service issues on us.
  • Upgradeable. Never be stuck with equipment you don’t like. If you’re unhappy with any specific item simply exchange it for a different make or model.
  • Tax Benefits. Many customers have found great tax benefits by renting. Depending on your operation you may be able to deduct monthly rental fees as overhead expenses. Please consult your accountant if you’re unsure.
  • Own The Equipment Upon Completion Of Rental. By completing the full 36 month rental agreement the equipment becomes owned by you. At the end of the 36 months you may simply keep the equipment at no additional cost or trade items in at a credit for newer items.

To find out more information and get complete program details simply give us a call or fill out our request a quote form.