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GE Ultrasound System


KenQuest Medical offers ultrasound rentals in a large verity of makes and models below is just a sample listing of the several makes and models of ultrasounds that we rent. If you dont see the one your looking for be sure to give us a call and ask:

G.E. Ultrasound Rentals:

Cardiac Use:

  • GE Vivid 7 Ultrasound Rental
  • GE Vivid 3 Ultrasound Rental
  • GE Vivid I Ultrasound Rental
  • GE Voluson Ultrasound System

Radiology Use:

  • GE Logiq 9 Ultrasound Rental
  • GE Logiq 7 Ultrasound Rental
  • GE Logiq 5 Ultrasound Rental
  • GE Logiq 3 Ultrasound Rental
  • GE Logiqbook XP Ultrasound Rental

OB /GYN Use:

  • GE Logiq 400 Ultrasound Rental
  • GE Logiq E Ultrasound Rental

Philips / ATL Ultrasound Rentals:

Cardiac Use:

  • Philips Sonos 7500 Ultrasound Rental
  • Philips Sonos 5500 Ultrasound Rental

Radiology Use:

  • Philips iu22 Ultrasound Rental
  • Philips EnVisor Ultrasound Rental
  • Philips Sonos 4500 Ultrasound Rental

Mixed Use:

  • ATL HDI 5000 Ultrasound Rental
  • ATL HDI 3000 Ultrasound Rental

Siemens / Acuson Ultrasound Systems:

Mixed Use:

  • Acuson Sequoia 512 Ultrasound Rental
  • Acuson Sequoia 256 Ultrasound Rental
  • Acuson Aspen Ultrasound Rental
  • Acuson Cypress Ultrasound Rental

Toshiba Ultrasound Rentals:

Mixed Use:

  • Toshiba Aplio XG Ultrasound Rental
  • Toshiba Xario XG Ultrasound Rental
  • Toshiba Nemio XG Ultrasound Rental

Mindray Ultrasound Rentals:

OB /GYN & Radiology Use:

  • Mindray M5 Ultrasound Rental
  • Mindray DC3 Ultrasound Rental

Radiology Use:

  • Mindray DC6 Ultrasound Rental

Sonosite Ultrasound Rentals:

OB / GYN Use:

  • Sonosite Micromaxx Ultrasound Rental
  • Sonosite Titan Ultrasound Rental
  • Sonosite 180 Ultrasound Rental

Soundvision Ultrasound Rentals:

OB / GYN use:

  • Soundvision SV99 Ultrasound Rental
  • Sound Vision SV 66 Ultrasound Rental

Sonoscape Ultrasound Rentals:

Mixed use:

  • Sonoscape S8 Ultrasound Rental


Why rent?

This is a question often asked to us. There are several reason and benefits to renting a ultrasound unit verses purchasing it, below is just a sample of many of those reasons:

  • Low Monthly Rental Payments – Rent for less then purchasing
  • Low Down Payments – provides you the ability to preserve capital for other areas of your business, instead of having it invested in a single piece of equipment.
  • New Specialties With Little Investment – Renting equipment allows you to start up a new specialty at your facility with little capital investment. This allows you to try it out prior to committing to a purchase.
  • Try Something Out Prior To Buying – Not sure your like that new GE or Ziehm c-arm? Renting provides a chance to try it out for a few months to see how you like it.
  • No Maintenance Costs – KenQuest covers all c-arm maintenance and repairs during the rental period.
  • Operational Expense – A c-arm rental can be written off as an overhead expense and often result in better tax brakes
  • Ability To Upgrade – You can upgrade your c-arm at any time to something newer. Never be stuck with an out of date c-arm system.

The KenQuest Difference.

KenQuest Medical has been renting medical equipment for over 20 years, we have perfected it to a science and offer features that most others do not or can not. Some of the many benifits are listed below:

  • Earn Equity In Your Rental – Apply 50% of your rental fees towards the purchase of the system (valid on monthly and rent to own rentals).
  • Month to Month Rental Terms – Your never locked in to long term rental contracts.
  • Multiple Rental Program Types – KenQuest offers several different types of rental programs that can be custom tailored to meet your needs.
  • In House Service – We offer in house service technicians for fast maintenance and repair times.
  • Rent NEW and Refurbished Equipment – Most of our competitor offer only used equipment for rent, all of our rentals are either fully refurbished or brand new systems.
  • 25+ Years In Business – KenQuest has been serving the medical professional community for over 25 years.
  • Competitive Pricing – We will meet or beat any of our competitors pricing on rentals.

For the various rental programs we offer please check out our RENTAL PROGRAMS page, and find out which program will work for you and your facility. If you already familiar with our different rental programs and would like to request a quote,or feel like you need additional information  you may do so by calling us at 888-316-2205 or use our REQUEST A QUOTATION page.

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